Why it Works

Do Your Own Pest Control has invested over 8 years of research to test hundreds of shapes, materials and assembly processes. Our final Tristar design has several unique characteristics that enhance performance, focusing on time and cost efficient installation, easy rebaiting, and discreet appearance.

Flat Packed:

  • Carry up to 30 under one arm
  • Reduce installation time: under 1hr per 100 units
  • Fit up to 1000 units per load in a ute, for efficient distribution

Prism Shape:

  • Easy to conceal; doesn’t look like a rodent control device
  • Rats are blind and use their hairs to determine a safe environment for feeding. The pyramid shape touches all ‘safety hairs’ on the rodent, leaving it secure enough to take the full bait at first visit, ensuring rapid elimination of entire colony
  • Rats spend prolonged time in the station and then leave seemingly unharmed, encouraging others to trust the station’s environment.

Smooth Flat surface:

  • No hiding spots for redbacks or other spiders.
  • No grooves or pockets to accumulate water – keeps bait dry longer


  • UV resistant for prolonged use
  • Will not rust outdoors
  • Doesn’t trigger rodent’s sensitivity to metal

The sleek Tristar bait stations are a cost and time efficient way to meet OH&S standards without attracting the attention of your visitors. Testing has proven that rats prefer the Tristar design, offering long term, consistent results. Proactive installation of the bait stations will avoid unpleasant incidents as well as possible damage to equipment and property.