Where it Works

Tristar bait stations are perfect for residential and commercial properties, with a slim design that is easy to distribute and conceal. Many businesses must have a rodent prevention strategy to meet OH&S regulations, even if the property has never had pests. These proactive requirements, such as rat traps, can often attract your visitor’s attention, resulting in a misleading belief that the property has rodents. Tristar stations will not only effectively prevent rats, but also easily tuck away out of sight.

Tristar bait stations are ideal for:

Domestic Homes:

  • use as first line perimeter defence along the fence line, near water heaters etc.
  • use indoors behind the fridge or underneath the pantry
  • place on or under roof without loosing bait to possums
  • safe for kids and pets – only opens with the twist of a key

Trades & Workshops:

  • protect tools and equipment
  • your clients will never know that you have rat traps


  • place in and around feed rooms
  • will be out of reach of farm animals and pets
  • prevent contamination of food
  • eliminates risk of leather goods getting chewed by rats

Food Establishments:

  • meets your food and safety regulations
  • tucks away out of sightline of guests
  • easy assembly, so all staff members can install and refill anytime


  • great for easy prevention around school property
  • use indoors where there is lots of food to attract rodents
  • safe around kids
  • easy installation by your current handyman


  • meet safety requirements
  • avoid contaminations of food and medical supplies
  • protects electronic equipment from being damaged by rats

Vets & Pet Shops:

  • place around perimeter and near food storage to prevent rats
  • avoid rats chewing through and ruining bags of pet food
  • safe to place around all pets: bait is secure and out of reach


  • fast to install throughout large area
  • economic way to meet OH&S requirements
  • prevent capital losses incurred if factory is shut down due to rat sighting