Frequently Asked Questions

How To Kill Rats!

I know the above title “How to Kill Rats” sounds a little harsh, but did you know mice and rats carry harmful diseases that put your family risk. They also damage crops and homes which have lead to house fires and deaths all around the world!

Here are some common questions we get asked regularly:

  • What makes you different from all the other rodent bait stations on the market?

That’s easy! Our rodent bait stations are all made with sun resistant materials, can handle the harshest conditions, has a child safety locking mechanism, and if you compare our stations with mousetraps… it’s a lot safer as you don’t risk losing your fingers!

  • Can your Tri Star Bait Station remove roof rats?

Our Tri Start Bait Station is so versatile it can be placed just about anywhere in the home or office, especially in the roof to remove those wire eating critters.

  • Does your rodent bait station come with a warranty?

Yes! All bait stations are manufactured in Australia with the strongest materials and come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

  • Why are you rodent bait stations so affordable?

This is because we the manufacturers and you get to buy these rodent bait stations direct from us!

  • How long does it take for delivery?

For domestic orders, we use Australia Post and this normally takes 3-5 business days as it all depends on your location.

For international orders, we can deliver via both air freight or sea freight but this also depends on location and method of delivery.

  • Can I buy in Bulk?

Yes you can. However, if you are after a few pallets it’s best to give us a call as we can offer you special rates for extra large orders.

  • Is your online store secure?

Yes! We use PayPal as the payment gateway as they are one of the most secure online payment methods.

  • Can you send samples?

Unfortunately, we do not. However, you can purchase a small quantity on this site.

  • How effect is your rodent bait?

Our Tom Cat rodent bait is one of the best mouse bait/rat bait on the market.  This mouse poison is extremely tasty to mice and rats, but at the same time very poisonous.  This is why our Tri Star Bait Station has a secure locking device so children cannot get their hands on the baits.

Got More Questions?

If you have additional questions we did not cover on this page, please feel free to call

our specialised rodent control team on 1300 257 774