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Tri Star Rodent Stations Made By Experienced Family Owned Pest Control Company!

Are You Sick and Tired Of Mouse Traps That Just Don’t Work?
At Do Your Own Pest Control, we have worked in our own pest control business for over 20 years. During this time we have come in contact with many pests and rodents as well as existing solutions to find the best way on how to get rid of mice and rats. When it came to rodent pest control, we noticed that the existing mouse control and rat control methods failed to meet some popular customer demands such as:

  • Faster installation and refill time
  • Compact packaging to maximize each load
  • Easy to carry multiple rat bait stations
  • Full bait consumption for faster pest elimination
  • Keeping out pets and unwanted wildlife
  • Safe for kids and public spaces

With no solution in the market to meet all the requirements, Do Your Own Pest Control set out to develop a rodent control device of their own. Following 8 long years, and hundreds of prototypes, we have released the innovative Tristar bait station. By designing a product based on our customers needs, we have seen unparalleled results in tests, as well as a growing success in the marketplace.
What our customers love about Tristar:

  • Starts off flat to fit 36/box or 500 in one pallet!
  • Contains two pins for 8 blocks of different bait variety
  • Rats feel secure inside to consume adequate rat bait/rat poison portion, and leave to die away from property.
  • Twist the key and stations fall open – just wipe clean and refill!
  • Snaps shut – safe for kids and pets; out of reach of wildlife.
  • Sleek shape that is easily concealed and does not attract attention.

The Tristar stations have already proved successful in many industries from farming and manufacturing, to restaurants, hospitals and pet services.

So What Are You Waiting For?

If you are sick and tired of using mouse traps that just don’t work or don’t want to pay a professional rodent control specialist where you can do it yourself… then we suggest you call  0404 897 783 Today