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  • Metrogard Pest Control recommends…

After 10 years as a professional pest controller I have tried and tested nearly every bait station on the Australian market, and am glad to say that I can finally stop looking for the perfect “Tamper Resistant Bait Station”.
I discovered the Tri Star Rat Shack bait station after a strong recommendation from another PCO (Pest Control Operator) and have found them to be just what I was looking for. Since changing all my foreign stations to Tri Star Rat Shack’s I have cut down my service time and increased my profit margins due to their reasonable price and easy to maintain design.
I have found the stations unique size and shape accommodates small and large area applications therefore removing the need of having to purchase different station sizes for internal and external use. The Tri Star Rat Shack’s flat pack design also means that I can carry large quantities without any great effort.

I look forward to many years of use with the Tri Star Rat Shack’s and will certainly pass my recommendations onto every other PCO struggling with the other inferior bait stations.
Thank you for bringing such a professional product into the Pest Control Industry.

Kind regards
Nino Caminiti
Metro-Guard Pest Solutions
Telephone: 0408 060 489 E-mail: metrociuardpest@bicipond.com ABN 172 607 402 73

  • Foxabbit Pest Control

Dear Cam,
Foxabbit is a professional pest control business working in Victoria, Australia. Foxabbit deals with many
and varied pests throughout the state. One of the biggest problems we have are with rats and mice.
In the past we have had to deal with using very large and cumbersome bait stations which were hard to
place at sites because of their size. Clients often complained about the bait stations being in the way.
When the Tri-Star bait station came along it was like a breath of fresh air. Tri-Star Bait stations are not
just cheaper than the old, cumbersome and very expensive bait stations but ten times easier to use. Tri-
Star bait station can be concealed easier, they are lockable and child safe.

Foxabbit does quite a lot of pest work in school environments that the old cumbersome bait station where not suitable. Because they were always in the way and baits could not be locked into the bait station.
Tri- Star bait stations are easy to transport, use and maintain. They have built in safety aspects which
other bait stations on the market do not have and they are cheap and very workable.

Martin Ellingworth
Foxabbit Farm Pest Eradication
10-12 Cambridge Road
Mount Dandenong, 3767
Ph: 9751 1624
Mobile: 0438 776 997
Email : foxabbit@bigpond.com
Web: www.foxabbit.com.au