How it Works

With the new Tristar Rodent bait stations, getting rid of rodents is as easy as 1,2,3:

Step 1: FOLD IT

  • Tristar Rodent Bait Stations come flat packed, in bundles of 6 or 36 per standard box
  • To start, simply fold up one side
  • All components are made from durable high grade plastic for indoor or outdoor placement
  • Tristar stations are designed for right or left handed assembly

Step 2: FILL IT

  • Place bait onto 2 pins
  • Fits 8 bait blocks per station
  • Use different bait on each pin for various rodents
  • Insert full pins into slots
  • Rats take bait and leave, so they are off your property when the bait takes effect.

* Rats are sensitive to the electrolysis from metal objects. Our bait stations and pins are fully plastic eliminating hesitation of rodents.


  • Fold up the other side of the station
  • Rotate lock to snap shut
  • Glue or nail to desired surface to secure.
  • Safe for kids and pets, and out of reach from other wildlife
  • Slim design will tuck away out of sight just about anywhere!

* Tip: For further advantage, put a company logo or sticker on the station’s smooth surface.

To Open:

  • Insert key and twist
  • Station falls open to a flat surface
  • Simply sweep or wipe off any debris
  • Refill and shut within seconds!