Our Guarantee

120 Day Money Back Guarantee

This is NOT a typo! We are so confident in our product that we want your purchase to be ‘Risk Free’ and we are offering this Guarantee!

Purchase any Tristar Rat Stations from this website, and if you use the system for 120 days and are not happy with our proven rodent removal system, we will give you 100% Money Back!

All you have to do, is write to us and tell us why you are not happy with our Tristar Rat Stations. Once we receive your message, one of our friendly team will be in touch with you. If for some strange reason we cannot find a solution to make you happy, just send the items back to us and we will immediately transfer the money back to you… it’s really that easy!

The Tristar Rodent Bait station is used all over the world with great success and it will work for you.

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If you have any Questions call us now on 0404 897 783