Why Get a Termite Inspection?

A lot of homeowners fear the possibility of a termite infestation.  That’s because termites can often cause a great deal of damage to a building by eating away at it from the inside.  Termites are innocuous little insects that can resemble ants.  They are not often visible – your house could be riddled with them and you wouldn’t even see a single termite unless you’re lucky enough to witness them swarming during mating season.  Other tell-tale signs pointing to their presence are mud tubes and termite mounds.  Since these insects are pretty hard to detect, it’s often necessary to get a termite inspection in Brisbane as part of your regular Brisbane pest control measures.  Here are some detailed reasons to get a termite inspection at least once a year.

  1. Safety.  What happens when you have a termite problem?  If termites are allowed to establish colonies on your property and eat away at your woodwork unchecked, you and your family can be in danger.  Termites will destroy foundations and timber supports including beams and walls, so a part of your house could cave in without notice, especially if you have a lot of woodwork in it.
  2. Protecting your valuables.  Termites do not just hide in your walls.  If you have dry wood termites, then you should also watch out for them in your storage bins and cabinets, as well as your furniture.  If you’ve got antiques beware – they could damage already fragile wood or destroy valuable and irreplaceable pieces.  The same is true for important documents or old photographs that could have sentimental and intrinsic value.
  3. Preparing for resale.  If you intend to sell your house someday, it is good to be updated with regular termite inspection in Brisbane.  After all, if your home is full of termites you will not be able to sell, let alone sell your home at a profit.  It is even common practice for some buyers to request a certification that you have had your home inspected for termites before they enter serious negotiations.  In any case, advertising that your home has passed a termite inspection makes it more likely to attract prospective buyers.

Termite inspection should be considered a routine part of Brisbane pest control.  After all, an undetected termite infestation can cause considerable harm to life and property.  It’s also best to let professionals take care of finding and eliminating termites since such a job is usually beyond the capacity of the ordinary property owner. To know more about this, click here.