The Different Types of Pest Control

It would be pretty safe to say that pest control is a practice that’s as old as civilization itself.  As soon as people settled down to live in permanent homes and raise crops, it became necessary to keep homes, storage spaces, and even the fields themselves free of predatory animals big and small.  There are many different ways to keep mice and insects away from human habitats.


Finding the most effective method has always been a concern since it is these pests do not just ruin young plants and get into farmers’ seed stores – they are also known to contaminate food supplies and bring all sorts of diseases.


Pest control methods vary from natural techniques that tie in with the natural behavioural patterns of animals to the use of chemicals in traps and baits.  Foremost among the natural techniques would be biological pest control.  This method involves introducing predators to kill off the pests.  For instance, in places where mosquito infestation is high, a type of bacteria that kills mosquito larvae is introduced.  While biological pest control may seem safe, it is actually important to ensure that the new species of predator or parasite doesn’t upset the delicate balance of the ecosystem.


Another way to control infestations is to eliminate the homes and breeding grounds of the nuisance animals.  This is a good form of do it yourself pest control, as homeowners can easily make sure that their drainage systems are clean, and that there is no stagnant water around the house.  Removing garbage regularly also keeps vermin away from one’s home.  This is a great long-term solution that can be used in conjunction with other methods.


Of course, another popular form of do it yourself pest control is the use of bait and traps.  Rat bait is often used with different trap designs, and is very effective if the rodents can be made to take it.  However, many rats are intelligent and tend to be wary of rat bait.


It’s also a problem if a rat takes the bait and dies somewhere inaccessible, such as a crawl space.  Some of them are also capable of escaping from traps, especially if they are large and strong enough.  Fortunately, some extermination companies have developed effective bait and trap systems that are effective in luring rodents and confining them in the trap where they can easily be removed when they die. For more information about this, click here.