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The History of Rodent Pest Control

Throughout history, some of the greatest threats from mankind have come not from large catastrophes like earthquakes, falling asteroids or widespread war.  Famine and disease have often proved fearsome killers often eliminating entire villages and spreading fear and terror throughout entire nations and continents.  Often, the root cause of hunger and sickness is the presence of pests such as locusts, grasshoppers, and rodents making pest control one of the biggest concerns of mankind.


Rodent pest control is of particular importance since rats and mice have been known to carry some of the most dreadful diseases ever known to man.  For instance, food contaminated by rat excrement is known to cause the disease Leptospirosis.  Rats were also responsible for the many outbreaks of plague in Europe and Asia in past centuries, including the Black Death that wiped out a quarter of the European population in the 13th century.


Many methods of rodent pest control have been used throughout history.  Sometimes, people have hunted down rats and squirrels who were common predators in peoples’ gardens and farmyards.  These animals were often shot with airguns, because these firearms were safe to use even in enclosed spaces such as one’s front lawn.  But by far, the most popular means of pest control against mice, rats, and squirrels have always been baits and traps.


Rat bait and traps have been used for centuries, and many creative designs have emerged throughout the years.  These are often used in tandem, although some people choose to use poisoned rat bait alone.  The problem with this method however is that a poisoned rat can easily die in an attic or behind a wall, or anywhere that humans can’t see it or get in to remove it.


This can cause a pretty foul odour when the body begins to decompose.  On the other hand, a rat dying in a baited trap can easily be disposed of.  However, the challenge has always been to create an effective trap, as rats and mice can be pretty intelligent.  Smart rats can disable traps and become suspicious of bait.


At present, other means of deterrence are also being used such as destroying the animals’ habitat or introducing natural predators.  For the ordinary homeowner however, it is still more feasible and cost-effective to use a do-it-yourself rat and bait system to get rid of these unsightly and unsanitary pests.


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How To Get Rid Of Mice

5 tips on “How To Get Rid Of Mice”


Many household suffer because of the mice and rodents which climb up their walls and roof, eat their food, and leave fecal matter anywhere. You might think that you have done everything you could to keep them away, when in fact, it’s not helping at all. You see a hole as small as a dime on your wall, but you think you do not have to worry about it because a mouse couldn’t possibly fit in there. Well, think again, because in fact, they actually do.


Here are a few easy tips for you to be able to attain a rodent-free home:


Tip #1: Keep your surroundings clean

Trim the bushes, mow the grass, cut the branches about 3 feet away from your roofs, clean the garage – these are the things you can do to keep your place clean. You have to clean your yard so that you can discover the hidden passageways of these rodents and create strategies to keep them out. The tree branches too close to your house should be cut because there are mice which can jump from the tree branch to your roof. Moreover, mice and rodents love places which are dark and unexposed. For them, a lot of clutter means no disturbances.


In addition, keep your food in proper containers so that you would not attract them more. Put your food in plastic, glass, or metal containers to avoid the mice from chewing through it. Keep your cereals, if not in a closed container, in a cabinet. Avoid leaving food on your counter top, kitchen table, and dining table without a cover, and leaving a glass of water out over night.



Tip #2: Stop them from coming in.


To stop them from coming in, you have to block every entrance they’ve got. One way to find all those holes is during nighttime where we can turn all the lights and find those place where you can see the light coming through. Because the light cannot enter through the holes, it becomes easy for you to see them to be able to cover them. To keep them from coming in, you have to keep them out. The best way is to cover those holes with metal sheets, for bigger holes, or steel wool, for the smaller ones. Another way is by setting up traps everywhere. Especially in the attic where they would most likely live in. Set more traps every day until 2-3 straight days come without a mouse getting caught up in the trap.



Tip #3: Guard your Garage Doors


                There are some garage doors which are made of flexible rubber. The mice and rodents can chew through this kind of materials which is why even though you have placed traps around your house, the rodents would keep coming back. The solution is to install metal on the lower corners of the door. That way, the rodents are prevented from “chewing their selves in”. You can also use weather stripping or door sweeps so that you can completely stop them from entering your premises.


However, if you do think that it’s getting to warm inside your house and you have to open the door just to let the fresh air in, then you’d better get a screen door first. At least with a screen door, you not only feel the breeze inside your house, but you can also stop the rodents from entering.




Tip # 4: Make them feel uninvited


                Mice like finding homes where they feel that the owners are hospital. In other words, homes that have a lot of food just being left outside and do not have furry friends to guard it. It’s true that cats or any other big and furry pets can indeed help you from keeping the mice out. However, not all cats may be the mouser kind, and yours might be one of these, but their mere presence is enough to keep those pests away. Do not just throw leftovers anywhere because these rodents would still go to it. If you do throw food into the garbage can, make sure that it has a metal cover and that there are no holes around which allow them to go in.


Tip #5: Set some Trident Mouse Bait Stations around the home, office or farm


               Most people don’t realise that mouse bait stations are what the professionals use to kill rats and kill mice.  We have found that our Trident Rate and Mouse Bait Stations are highly effective against roof rats and used wildly in homes and Farms.


We hope this report has been helpful.  If you want to remove rats from your home, please visit our website for easy to use rodent traps that guarantees excellent results.