Pest Control Products

Please choose from our range of rodent control products from Do You Own Pest Control. We have many different methods of rodent control to try from rat trap bait to a rat bait station, rodent baits to traps. Our baits are a cost effective way to get rid of that rodent problem yourself, without having to call in the experts. Our bait has been developed after years of research and design and we are confident our methods will save you time and money. Be smart, get a rat bait station and rat trap bait today from Do Your Own Pest Control! Don’t buy mouse repellant systems or cheap bait that may harm other small animals such as family pets, choose from our selection of pest control products to ensure you are getting quality baits and rodent control contraptions.

Rodent Bait

Rodent BaitDescription: Pack of 8 blocks of 28 gram rat and mouse bait.
Tom Cat Rodent baits are very good at controlling both Rats and Mice. They have a minimal bait loading and are a second generation anti-coagulant rodenticide. These “single feed” baits have a window of action that gives the target about 3 to 5 days to “leave camp”, so you have few if any dead rodents around.
Dogs are quite tolerant of this product. For example a 35 Kilogram Labrador or Shepherd dog would have to consume 8.5 blocks of bait in one sitting to have a toxic dose.
Or a ten kilogram Jack Russell would have to consume more than 25 mice and each mouse would have to have a belly full of bait!
Also cats are almost immune to this active- an average cat would have to consume hundreds of baited mice in a week to have a secondary poisoning.

Price: $14.00

Farm Pack-12 Stations and bait

Description: Farm Pack – 12 Bait stations with 24 BaitsFarm Pack – 12 Bait stations with 24 Tom Cat Bait blocks. Instructions for use around sheds, buildings, great for schools and public facilities. The stations are child, pet and native animal safe as they restrict access to baits but still allow rats and mice in to take the bait.

Price: $185.00

Twelve Pack of stations-no baits

Description: Twelve stations, a pack of 12 keys bait pins and instructions for use. No baits are in this kit however there is another option with baits on this site. One dozen stations for larger sites for example factories, small farm sheds/workshops etc or packing facilities. If you already have block type baits and you are after some professional quality-OH&S compliant stations that are very durable and will last for tthe long term, purchase thses.


Price: $160.00

Surefire bait blocks

Description: One kilogram zip lock bag-50 bait blocks. Kill rats and kill mice safely.

Price: from $11.00

Four Pack

Description: Our four pack of rat and mouse stations come with one pack of Tom Cat 228gm baits, key for stations and instructions.

Four packs are great for use in stables or around the average home. The kit comes with four stations that will last for many years, one round of baits and information on how to use them. The stations can be re-baited as often as is required for many years to come and provide a “window into the unseen”. Check the stations periodically or if you suspect any seasonal activity and keep the baits nice and fresh. Rodents like us prefer fresh food so the trick is to keep the baits fresh and palatable.

Price: $63.00

30 Stations

30 Stations of our latest Rat Shack-professional friendly station!

Price: $405.00

Two Pack-[For flats/ units]

Description: Small Pack – 2 Bait Stations with 8 Baits. For those that have a small unit or flat. Tips / hints and instructions for use.

This Small Pack has – 2 Bait Stations instructions for use, key and includes 8 professional Baits.

Price: $44.00