How to Deal With Termites In Victoria Point

Have you ever been the victim of nasty termites? Do you think there could be termites invading your home? Maybe you should call for termite inspection in Brisbane?


Termites in Victoria Point are some of the most vicious forms of pests. They can be found attacking materials such as wood, plant debris, cardboard and paper. As long as there is contact between the ground and the cellulose-containing material, termites are sure to attack. In the case of subtarranean Redland termites, moisture is an important factor in their creation of mud tubes which grant access to the wood and other materials. Keeping these items dry, then, would be a good way to avoid termites.


While Brisbane pest control services are readily available, sometimes, prevention is still better than cure. Keeping one’s home as termite-free as possible would not only make your home life easier but also make  your resident Brisbane pest control company’s work easier too!


Small things you can do to keep your home termite-free should revolve around the minimization of food and moisture conditions. You can do this by making sure that plumbing around the house is always in top shape – faucets and pipes should always be kept from leaking. Drainspouts and gutters should stay clean in order to avoid unnecessary retetion of stagnant water. Vents must be kept clear and preferably open while all forms of wood and paper ehich are not being utilized on a day-to-day basis should be kept away from the abandoned corners or crawl spaces in the house. If cellulose-containing material can be kept away from the soil.


If you want to go around your home and check whether it’s already to late to keep termites from invading, one can look and see if any swarms of winged pests have congregated in certain areas. For areas where there appear to be cracked or bubbling paint, try knocking or tapping around the wooden area. Hollow sounds could mean that termite colonies have already formed inside. Make sure to check for any mud tubes as well, as these indicate the presence of subterranean Redland termites, as already mentioned. If you find any, it may be time to contact termite inspection in Brisbane.


Apart from termites in Victoria Point, you might also do well to make sure that other pests haven’t been sharing your home. Ants, especially the Fire Ant variety, are especially vicious and getting bitten would result in severe pain and complications. Mice and rats are as damaging as termites when it comes to weakening the foundations of your home and other household items. Cockroaches multiply quickly and could be the bearer of many diseases.


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